As I am still in constructing the website I do not yet have a full list of Terms and Conditions. Drop me a line if you are unsure of how my business works.


1. Contacting Slime Cycleworks through this website, or any other means, does not obligate you to have any bicycle repair work undertaken by me.


2. Payment. Payment is due in full when I return the bike to you. I will make you aware of all costs before I carry out any work.


3. Pricing. My pricing reflects my experience, training and the costs of running a small business. Expect to pay the price I quote.


4. The mobile nature of my business makes it necessary to travel to you. I can only park my vehicle in an area that is legal and safe to do so. If I deem that neither of these conditions can be met then I will not park and the job will need to be reschedulded when these conditions are met.


5. Event support. I am happy to support events across the country. My pricing will reflect travel and other costs that I incur in support of your event. Your terms and expectations of the support you require from me must be clearly set out to me and agreed by me in writing before the event takes place. I will make my terms clear to you before the start of the event.


6. Be nice. Its free.


7. These Terms and Conditions are subject to update at any time without notice.